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This summer, I returned

This summer, I returned to my hometown - Wuhan Newport Cigarettes Website. When our family went to visit East Lake, Grandma bought me a wild turtle tortoise can be small, and my slap is not big yet! His body is pure black, with a hard shell on his back, and the brown and black patterns on the shell resemble the hive. Its head is small and its tail is thin.e people say that the turtle is a timid animal, and I don't think it is necessary Newport Cigarettes Price. When the uncle who sold me the turtle grabbed it and put it in my plastic bag, I saw the little turtle's claws and claws trying to bite the uncle's hand. The uncle kept shaking it. When the uncle's hand stopped, the turtle's head was already reaching the uncle's finger. Uncle quickly released his hand and the turtle fell into my bag. I saw that it still had a long, unwilling look. A bold turtle!e tortoise is really bold, but I also saw its timid side. When I knocked his hard shell with a stick, it immediately retracted the whole body into its shell, motionless, and it took a long time to slowly extend the head. When I knocked his head with a small stick, suddenly it was too fast to cover the stick. A good little turtle that is worse than infringement! tortoise is very well fed. I put it in a small bucket. There is only a little bit of water and a little minced meat in the bucket. After a few days, it is still alive, so a small turtle that is easy to meet! I don't know how long I haven't written to you. May never have been written. Today I want to write a letter to you.m, I often have no patience with your embarrassment and seemingly critical words, and sometimes you will lose your temper, you are very angry. But that's because I really want to get your approval and recognition. When I was a child, I did a lot of hard work. I took the first exam or the competition cadre. I don��t know what is good or not. I only know what is happy for my mother and what is not for my mother. I hope to make you feel satisfied. So I am working very hard. You know, my school's second and third grade mathematics has a year-end average of 100 points, which means that I didn't even dare to test 99 points. I am the first in the first year of the year. High school entrance examination English, mathematics, chemistry, physics four points. But no matter how hard I try, I always make you feel that I am still not doing well enough, there are many places that need improvement. I really tried my best, and then I found that I couldn��t get to the other side, and I could never get to the other side. So I was angry. I am very angry and sad, why can't you be satisfied with me! Why do you always make me feel that I am not good, or that I am not good enough! But I obviously have done better than many people. Why are you reluctant to praise me and reluctant to hug me? Children who are not praised and hugged by their mother are lonely, angry, and wronged.y first ten years, when I discovered that I had the ability to live in your vision, I did not hesitate and decisively chose to leave and avoid. To be frank, I have never thought of coming back from the day I graduated from my third year and can leave my hometown. Never thought about it, you used to say that I regretted allowing me to stay in other cities when I graduated from college. In fact, whether you allow it or not Newport 100S, I decided to leave when I graduated from high school., I am writing this letter not to blame you. Because I found the decade of evasion, or my counterattack against your guilt and blame, it did not solve my problem. I don't feel really happy because I am far away from you. I don't think it's easy because I won't yell at you by losing my temper.thought of anger, it was not anger, it was just eager. Mom, even if I am already in my thirties, I am still eager for your affirmation and recognition. I am eager to be satisfied with you, even if I am not very satisfied, I can see the satisfaction of three points. I am eager for a little satisfaction on your face. . You don't understand at all, how much I long for. If there is no desire, where is the anger?here is never anyone in my life, I am so eager to get her praise and acceptance. Because you are my most important person. Because I love you. I want to be close to you, but for more than 30 years, I don't know how to get close to you. When you tell me so much, I don't have time to do it, not doing it. I always thought that you didn't like me. I can't do it well, I can't make you satisfied, so you don't accept me. Actually, I have been very sad, but I don't know that I am sad. want to be close to you, I want to hug you. I don't think that the farther the better, it is not too annoying. Maybe I can't do it all at oncuch I love you Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. And you already know that after I have achieved anything Parliament Cigarettes, you are the first person I want to tell, because I like to make you proud. And you know that no matter how angry you are, I am still very happy inside, because it reminds me that not everyone can have a mother like


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    This summer, I returned
    This summer, I returned
    This summer, I returned to my hometown - Wuhan Newport Cigarettes Website. When our family went to visit East Lake, Grandma bought me a wild turtle ...
    Nov 7 '18
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