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Evergreen's voice told Rose that if she did not rouse herself from her bed immediately there would be trouble. The sun poured in through the window and landed on the pages of the book on her lap. If you're having trouble finding exactly what you'd like, consider screen capping a motif from the game and having a jeweler or metalsmith inscribe it for you, you'll have a beautiful, unique gift with instant geek street cred. It's worth noting that the same applies to clothing, if you're looking for something unique and obscure, find a pattern or motif, and have it silkscreened onto a tee..

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Rebecca Grube took 11th place in the discus with a throw of 1050, while Cordell Musser did not advance out of his heat in the 110 hurdles. And junior thrower Spencer Moser, who made it to States a year ago in the javelin, had a rough day as he fouled on all three preliminary attempts and did not advance to the finals..

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