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In my heart, a sentence is

In my heart, a sentence is short, but it may also be eternal. There is a saying that it can stay in our hearts forever. Let me not forget.ool's Day is a holiday for the whole person. Of course, people like me can't miss this festival. I have nothing to do, I want to be foolish Marlboro Cigarettes. Opened qq and found a target in my contacts -- I will hurt too. A chat was initiated. "You are?" I have already whipped up my mouth. "You really don't know who I am?" There was a reaction. "Who are you?" I asked again. "Wang Yufei!" She answered me Newport 100S. "Oh, I know! I am at your doorstep, open the door!" When she opened the door, she was finished. "Oh, let's go."... "Why aren't you?" Wang Haofei asked me. "Of course! You are finished, today is April Fool's Day! Happy holidays!" After that, they went down qq.ext day, "Wang Yufei!" I chatted with her. "You won't be angry?" I sent it carefully. No one cares about me, so I have to go to school. "Wang Yufei" I stopped her. "Are you angry?" I asked her. "No." She replied to me. We are speechless for a while. Suddenly, she hugged me and smiled in my ear and said, "I won't be angry, we are friends!" I bowed, and there was an unknown warm current in my heart, seeping out.ch a sentence is the most beautiful language in my heart. I will never forget such a sentence, it makes grade: Chen YihongThere may be some people in the world of dark waves. In black and white interlaced, gears. In the ups and downs of the world, silently looking for truth.he willow tree with the indecent defeat is still floating in the air Carton Of Newports. With the sudden storm, the difficult time is so urging us to go to those faint nights. Perhaps the most perfect answer is the restlessness that is surging in the darkness. The happy time makes people forget the bleak to the point where there is no scene. It is so deep that it has repelled the horror of the world. The desire for everything is always is no whimsy in the world where the king is upside down. The distance of happiness is only a vicious circle from unfortunate to happy to unfortunate. change of time indicates that the story is slowly changing. Finally I was made a lot of bruises and said that I am very happy. Happiness is slowly buried in the stardust in the night. Countless pieces are stretched, deep, and expanded. Finally, it is like a nuclear weapon Marlboro Cigarettes Price. It��s the end of the end. Happiness is like a poor quality digital camera, and the photos taken are blurred. Once and for all, the camera eventually produced countless beautiful scenery. Good book readers don't choose a pen. We are clumsy and we only want to catch the wind. Finally, it was buried in the traces. Happiness is like a slight spark. It may be just a glimmer of light in the endless desert. Doing similar useless work. In the end Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, it is just a hasty end. The color of happiness may be just the unrealistic dream of the sun shining on the water vapor. The dust in the planet is covered with trees and trees. The weather is quite good, but the air quality is quite controversial. happy. The so-called happiness is just hard to come by, but it is so short. Only in this way will people cherish. An infinitely extended world. Afterwards, it is as lucid as a dream, leaving only the deepest touch.
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