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Environmental Protection Agency this week: than half of the nation's waterways 55 percent are in poor condition for aquatic life."The health of our Nation's rivers, lakes, bays and coastal waters depends on the vast network of streams where they begin, and this new science shows that America's streams and rivers are under significant pressure," Office of Water Acting Assistant Administrator Nancy Stoner said in an EPA press release about a new national water report.The EPA report, the first comprehensive national water quality assessment of its kind, is based on stream data collected from some 2,000 monitoring sites around the nation in 20082009, the most recent time period data were available. Agency scientists and state and university experts then crunched the numbers to determine the health of the country's streams, rivers, and bays.To no one's surprise living in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the report said a significant problem in the nation's waterways is excessive nitrogen and phosphorus pollution."Too much nitrogen and phosphorus in the waterknown as nutrient pollutioncauses significant increases in algae, which harms water quality, food resources and habitats, and decreases the oxygen that fish and other aquatic life need to survive," EPA said.

Quartet of Trell Kimmons, 100 bronze medalist Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay and Ryan Bailey got the silver in 37.04, equaling the old record that Bolt helped set at last year's world championships. Trinidad Tobago took the bronze in 38.12. We elect people we come to dislike because too many of us require no more of them than we require of ourselves. We then wonder why little seems to work and the country soon suffers..

The climactic scene in which the TRex (subbing in as a Deus Ex Machina) fights off the raptors is the one that I think may literally have made my jaw drop sitting in that movie theater in '93 it was quite simply something I had never seen before. Those CG effects, preternaturally fluid and realistic in their time, paved the way for movies in which living, biological creatures could be presented as convincingly as bulky objects like spacecraft already were.

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