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Escalator factory continues to develop suitable elevators

Escalator factory continues to develop suitable elevators

Escalator Supplier For purchasing elevators, the aboriginal affair we charge to do is to investigate the elevator's grade. Actuality are the tips about it as follows:

1. The architect accept to be an activity specializing in the assembly of elevators . In general, the registered basal of a able elevator architect in China shall not be below than 100 actor Yuan RMB.

2. The basal locations of the elevator shall accept adumbrated the arch technology , such as the absorption machines of the ascertainment elevators or commuter elevators are abiding allurement synchronous; The elevator's car breach adopts capricious voltage and capricious abundance advantage technology and photocell aegis . The elevator's assurance locations such as assurance accessory , governor and absorber accept to be produced by able manufacturers.

3. For accoutrement room, it is bigger to accept babyish accoutrement allowance or accoutrement room-less commuter elevator or ascertainment elevator.

The ups and downs of the Chinese elevator and escalator market

China was the world's bigger elevator ambassador and customer in 2013, with added than 50 percent of the elevators fabricated globally in 2013, accretion 674,467 units.

International and collective adventure companies, such as Otis, KONE and Mitsubishi, ceremony for 70 percent of China's elevator bazaar revenue. With their accustomed reputations for well-performing products, these companies are assertive the bazaar for high-end elevators, such as those acclimated in airports, subways, alternation stations and bartering buildings. Added than 600 bounded elevator manufacturers attempt for the absolute 30 percent of the business, which mainly consists of the price-sensitive low-end and middle-price-segment markets.

The elevator and Escalator Factory was one of the a lot of important markets for motor drives in China in 2013. Elevators and escalators accounted for 8 percent of the motor drive business that year.



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