I won't ever play with Buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold

I won't ever play with Buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold on my mobile phone. They are not designed for it. Even if it can be technically handled by the hardware, telephones themselves are not designed with these needed for this and heat dissipation. And as you can hook up a controller it's still far from perfect. I will not play KB+M, or even games that don't utilize either a controller. Anything which employs a touch screen is shit. Fuck games. "Respect mobile". My bum. That's not a match. It's a skinner box disguised as a game.wow how many assets did they borrow from skyrim and oblivion? Feels like they just dumbed down the amount of polygons and conducted the textures through some grinder to downgrade everything from 2k / 1k into 500 or less and called it a day instead of making something new. Literally everything in this gameplay presented here we have seen. The monsters, the NPcs. everything.

When I see this"freemium" cash grab with my cherished string name slapped on it, I am saddened. However, I see what it's. It is not story discovery, and the world that we anticipate from the Elder Scrolls Blades. Exactly. By turning it into this freemium 12, do not trash your brand. I would rather pay whole price for a full fledged phone The Elder Scrolls Blades - open world no freemium currency, and for f*cks interest! , no timer walls!! Disappointed. Eh. I will have to wait for the actual Elder scrolls online blades service release.It's much more like lalala I can not hear you hold up what exactly are you saying you would love to get that in The Elder Scrolls Blades while I wager there's a way we can make you pay for it afterward hold up you do not want to pay for it using real cash la la la we can't hear you we are going to do it anyways. But thanks for reminding us of what you'd like us to put in The Elder Scrolls Blades.
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