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Datum & Uhrzeit Mär 14
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Recently Edmonton Oilers coach Todd McClelland did not feel very good. The team record bleak, has long lost the hope of qualifying for the playoffs; surging management surges, their position may not be guaranteed at any time. But at this time, there are good media to NHL Coins add trouble to him. Recently someone uploaded a video on Youtube who was captivated by the insane captain Connaught - McDavid was stopped by a group of fans outside the restaurant after having dined with family members, several of whom "greet" in a very unfriendly tone Their captain blamed McDervival for the team's downturn this season. There was a verbal dispute between the two parties at one time, fortunately no physical conflict was caused.

When asked about his view of the incident, McClellan appeared quite angry. He told reporters, "I have not seen this video yet, but if I were an average fan, McDavid would be my last taunt person. He worked hard every day to help the team win the game. This season's poor performance is not his fault, the team should bear together, my responsibility bear the brunt of, if the fans want to vent their dissatisfaction, then come to me, do not let a just 21-year-old child to pay Hard but reap sad. "


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