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His three-pointers helped the team a lot and hit high


Datum & Uhrzeit Jan 14
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His three-pointers helped the team a lot and hit high, with 0 in the first 2, 4,66.7% in the second 6 and 2,50% in the third of  NBA Live Coins the Lakers 4 Hits; 7,70% shooting percentage against Magic 10; 8,53.3% shooting from Warriors 15; 4,33% shooting from Pistons 12.

First Gerald - Green itself has a certain strength. He did not go to college and went straight to the league from high school, averaging 33 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 blocks in high school last year. He was the top pick in the draft, and everyone had Tracy McGrady as his draft Template, his talent and technical characteristics and Tracy similar. But in the end he was the 18th pick by the Celtics, mainly because he was a bit forgotten, only to the first six pick team conducted a trial, the other teams did not observe his chance, so the impact His position.


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