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Just as the MVP is often awarded to quarterbacks


Datum & Uhrzeit Jan 10
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Just as the MVP is often awarded to quarterbacks, the Defensive Player of the Year is often awarded to the passport. Central defender and defensive second line must play a particularly exaggerated season, before they can compete with the pass. There are no such prominent players in the second-line season, with center-backs featuring Bobby Wagner, CJ Mosley and Ryan Shazir playing the top spot, but not enough to Madden Coins hit the Defensive Player of the Year.

However, even if you look at the pass, this award is still a lot of suspense this season, the reason is simple - not the most outstanding player, but there are several very good, but with each other at the same level of players.

The Arizona Cardinals have not been contenders this season as a result of a series of injuries from the offensive team, but outside shots Chandler Jones' 17.0-second assault is undoubtedly the league's No. 1. He just signed a big contract in the offseason, his performance has not slipped because of wage guarantees. The Cowboys also failed to repeat the magic of last season for a variety of reasons, but defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence shot 14.5 times in the contract year to kill the ball 4 times terrorist performance, so even if you can not get the ideal Long, he will at least get the team's star ownership label.


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