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If you start thinking


Datum & Uhrzeit Jan 8
Erstellt von xingwang


xingwang Kostenlos


"If you start thinking, should I pass or not? That something must have happened, and we do not know the specifics, but now it looks like Sanchez is lonely, and I want to say that you are coming for Arsenal Not Sanchez, Arsenal score, you should go to LOLGA celebrate. "

Obviously, a player who is about to leave the team will certainly affect the morale, and many coach usually put such players on the bench, or even the second team. But Sanchez's situation is different, in the past few years, the Chileans have been Arsenal's thigh, but in last night's match, Sanchez proved it again, which is why Wenger has always dare to abandon Chileans .

In the conference after the game, did not notice the scene of discordant Wenger continue to support love: "Each conference will talk about his contract renewal, when a person does not have a long-term contract, people will always be questioned, but I am not a psychologist.Such as Sanchez is a great player, this is what we want him to contribute, no one knows what will happen in the future, it is difficult to predict, the performance does not matter with the length of the contract, as long as you force one day, you Will do its best.


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