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The final week of the Carolina Panthers


Datum & Uhrzeit Jan 7
Erstellt von xingwang


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The final week of the Carolina Panthers became the focus of the game with the Atlanta Falcons, and he will determine the fate of the two big birds of Madden Coins the Falcon and Seahawks, but regardless of the outcome, they have decided to go to the playoffs with the worst outcome It is losing 5 seeds. Cam - Newton play a good number in a single year to play a good double years Bad Superman still applies, in addition to leading the team to get 11 wins, he rushed a total of 695 yards this year, the key Newton's rushing ball often make the team brighter .

The last battle of the Kansas City chiefs is also pointless, they have locked the No. 4 seed. This may sound crazy if they predict they can not get nine victories this season after winning the five-game winning streak, but when you see them losing streak they still get nine wins in the playoffs. Even more crazy. This chief is different from the previous chief, the defensive has been completely reduced to display, relying entirely on the offensive team quarterback Alex - Smith (4000 + yards) and the outsider Terrik - Hill, near-end front Tera Davies - Kelsey, running back Karim - Hunter three thousand-yards before they were able to reach the playoffs.


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