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Due to the reconstruction of the team


Datum & Uhrzeit Dez 30 '17
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In 2016, the Lakers signed a four-year contract worth up to $ 72 million for the introduction of NBA Live Mobile Coins the veteran, and now he has three years left of the contract, earning an annual salary of $ 17.19 million. In the 2018-19 season and 2019-20 season, his annual salary was 18 million US dollars and 18.81 million US dollars. It can be said that incomparably smart Lakers doing this operation in 2016 is extremely frivolous, resulting in now they can only cover the salary burden in their own hands.

Due to the reconstruction of the team, Deng is obviously not 32-year-old team needs, and his contract is not only a long time, but the wages are very high, the team's reconstruction plan has a great impact. It is precisely because of this, the Lakers try every means to find a "Pan-Pan" to send Deng sent out, but unfortunately, the reality of trading Deng more difficult than they imagined.


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