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Bertas joined Mercedes in 2017 to replace Rosberg


Datum & Uhrzeit Dez 29 '17
Erstellt von xingwang


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"I want to win the championship, but it's still a bit early to talk about Leclerc, with the help of LOLGA the Prema team who proved that the rookie can win the championship but that Carlin has added difficulty to that goal. Runners-up and runner-up are similar in difficulty to driving a Prema, and I still believe Carlin will be on the shoulder of speed from mid-season Prema. But if I could drive Carlin, I might prove stronger than Leclerc. "

Bertas joined Mercedes in 2017 to replace Rosberg after leaving the position, although Mercedes insists that the team has no difference between No. 1 and No. 2, but Bertas's performance is still significantly inferior to Hamilton, who spent only three races throughout the season, finished third in the drivers' standings and Hamilton crowned his fourth F1 driver title two races earlier.

In an interview today, Bertas admitted that the difference between himself and Hamilton is the stability of the state: "According to the current point system, if you want to win the championship, you need to be not alone to win, and this is the case, you need More stable, the biggest problem for me this season is to play not stable enough, sometimes my performance is very good, sometimes my performance is not so good, this is Lewis (Hamilton) beat me the most important reason he always At that best, and that's exactly what I'm learning next year. "


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