A note showing internal difficulties encountered


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A note showing internal difficulties encountered by the company which hasn't failed to Dofus Kamas ilyzaelle react, including some former employees.

Before taking a look at the Dofus Unity job, for the moment"in phase of reflection and analysis", Anthony Roux mentions in his blog article the present"very good financial health" of the company. In addition to the continued popularity of the MMO (620,000 busy Dofus players in September) that is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year, the boss highlights the"buzz" created by Dofus Retro, a nostalgic variant established on September 24 based on the very popular version 1.29, which has nearly 300,000 busy Dofus players around the start of October.

In order to better understand the current, ToT then takes the opportunity to look back at the past and in particular the complications encountered during the growth of"Dofus 2" (the present version of Dofus game), among Ankama's many endeavors (Waven, Dofus Touch, Krosmaga, the part Ankama Editions...) where he doesn't work directly"for years". He explains why.

I won't spit. Nonetheless, it's very important to understand I have lost control of this project for years. Since I did not feel and by choice at startup welcome. I speak more readily because after years of struggles, the team is behaving.

More commonly, the bill evokes without filter the inner dysfunctions, such as the"problem to take 250-300 people in 1 direction and to ensure that everyone adheres to it", and points the finger in the decisions and activities of a former workers empowered: With Kam (Camille Chafer, one of the three creators of Ankama, Editor's note) we can release beautiful projects when we are accountable for Every time we have entrusted missions or projects to Cheap Dofus Kamas teams leaving them total freedom, it's always become a spin.


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