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The rebuilding of the team is not just about talent


Datum & Uhrzeit Feb 9
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In today's NBA alliance, the meaning of loyalty seems a bit complicated.

In the Dallas Lone Ranger team, in addition to Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki has played for the team for 20 seasons, the Lone Ranger there are two veteran guards have played for the team for many seasons, that is, German - Harris and Jose - Baria.

"He (Mad Coward Mark Cuban) believes in the belief that I and JJ (Burya) will not want to go somewhere else," Devon-Harris said. "We're back in Dallas. Cause, sometimes you may not show so much loyalty to other places because you want to get back where you like. Obviously we want to win but we really appreciate it because we came here We want to be part of this family and he (Kuban) returns us with loyalty. "

"Victory is the foundation of loyalty," Cuban said. "Every player knows our team's goal is to win the championship, but at the same time it means trading or letting go of some of the players we care about. It is hard for us to make a decision, what we should do and what should not be done.

"To me, loyalty is about respecting players and being honest to them - helping and supporting them after their career has ended," Cuban said. "The re-establishment of Lone Ranger is determined by more than just talented people. Cultural, chemical reactions, hard work, and the players' roles in the field and in the community are all important. We do not trade for the trade. We do the trade and we think it is necessary to get us back in the fight for the title Unfortunately, almost every player felt pressured by the trade deadline during our ongoing reconstruction, the same as last year. "

This season, Harris is in the final year of the contract, his salary this season is 4.4 million US dollars; Barea's contract will expire in 2019, his salary this season is 3.9 million US dollars.

"It does not happen, but we know (it's a business)," Barea said. "Of course we're grateful and Mark is grateful. Mark is a smart guy. He knows what type of Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins person we are and we like it. Here, German, German, Dirk, we will not change anything, he understands how much we like it. "

Currently, the Lone Ranger temporarily in 17 wins and 36 losses in the west of the fourteenth.


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