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Knights of the Knights in front of the wind once heard


Datum & Uhrzeit Feb 7
Erstellt von xingwang


xingwang Kostenlos


Knights of the Knights in front of the wind once heard, and finally the first 15 minutes, the Jets captured the Knight's mistake to NHL Coins open the situation, three forward Kyle - Conner dribble from the midfield, he hung the ball to the floor area, Fowler abandoned the door Attack, but the ball speed is much slower than he expected, Fowler can only wait for the ball in the trapezoidal zone, but Matt Hendrix hurried out from the crook, grab the gold Knight defender and Fowler before The ball grabbed, he inverted triangle back in front of the door, follow-up Joey - Almya after the ball Tuishe goal to easily rewrite the score 1-0.

Section II, behind the Golden Knight team began a massive attack, the Jets scene into a passive, only once in the first seven minutes of the shots, the Knights of the 34 group forward very active, continuous manufacturing scoring opportunities for the team to establish Very good momentum. Although the first 11 minutes, the jet got more opportunities to play less, but the Cavaliers in 1 minute to catch the jet mistakes scored short handball. Jet guard Dustin - Ba Furen in the backcourt pass to captain Blake - Weier, the ball is not high quality lead Ville ball very awkwardly, Golden Knight striker Riley - Smith pushed back and forth to Ville The ball succeeded, get the single-handed opportunity Riley face Hellebay, he slightly adjusted the upper left corner of the ejected goal net, Hellebay responded less than the ball can only fly into the gate, 1-1.


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