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The finals opened in between the two division


Datum & Uhrzeit Feb 2
Erstellt von xingwang


xingwang Kostenlos


The finals opened in between the two divisions on the east and west coasts. The Atlantic Division was clearly unprepared. Even the gloves and helmets were not tidy when the Oston-Matthews rotation took place. The Pacific Division seized the opportunity. Bit player instigated the offensive, the king sent a pass Diodi, Corbetal shot although saved, but follow-up Duck team Lacock missed the ball scored. The first 5 minutes Pacific Division again angry, Bossier's precision shots to expand the score 2-0. The first 6 minutes, the Red Wing Green opened the situation for the team, he received a weak side of Marchand's assists broke.

However, when the second half was over and the opening was over in the second half, Goody and Flame's Goodlufe broke in 4-1. After Green once again received Marchand's assists to NHL Coins break, but then Laker once again won the single pole opportunity, he faced the Canadiens goalkeeper Price pull the ball after the calm shot the upper corner, close Price, close the score Expand to 5-2. The final game this frame, the Pacific Division completely blocked the Atlantic Division striker, although Green scored two goals, but failed to save the team 2-5 outcome of the loss. The final Pacific Division to become the biggest winner in the All-Star Game. And Vancouver joined the team's teenager Bullock - Bosell became the audience MVP.


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