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Rumors Chelsea also played Girouds idea


Datum & Uhrzeit Feb 1
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As for the latest news about Arsenal's acquisition of Aubameyang, Wenger insisted that it is impossible to take Giroux to exchange: "I can not tell you more and we have nothing to FIFA Coins announce. Now we have added Makhtaliang and lost Sanchez, there is nothing else but, far from reaching an agreement, we may indeed sign the player, but I will not tell you the name. "

Rumors Chelsea also played Giroud's idea, this, Wenger said: "I want to stay in Gillette, if no one to join, no one will leave, he did not ask to leave the team may have one or two young players will Lend out, but experienced players will stay team. "Arsene Wenger also hope winter window closed as soon as possible:" I expect the transfer window is closed, although the transfer is not difficult but distracting, we do not complain about this, but it really makes people It's hard to concentrate. "


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